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Allergies and Asthma

Asthma can have many different causes, from genetic ones to allergies. Patients from the latter category experience breathing problems when they come into contact with certain substances that can trigger an allergic response from the lungs.

There is a wide variety of possible allergens, from dust to pollen, pet dander (small particles present in the feathers, skin or hair) and mold. Statistics show that the vast majority of asthma patients suffer from allergic asthma. If you have breathing problems of an asthmatic nature, you should first try to determine if they are caused by some allergy, so that you can select the proper treatment.

The symptoms themselves are the same in the case of allergic asthma as in the other types of the condition. Patients experience breathing difficulties that can vary in intensity, from mild attacks to severe ones that threaten to get out of control. The mucus produced by the membranes of the bronchial tubes makes the muscles contract, which accounts for the spasmodic breath and the wheezing sound so familiar to people suffering from asthma. Chest pain and coughing can also occur during an asthma attack.

A review of the substances you come in contact with will help the doctor determine if there is anything among them susceptible of inducing an allergic reaction. Allergies can sometimes be of a hereditary nature as well, being inherited from previous generations. By avoiding contact with that substance, you can significantly reduce the number of the attacks.

Anti-inflammatory medications, basically the same types as those prescribed for all types of asthma, can be taken. You should also consider using some medication that specifically aims to reduce the effects of the allergen on your lungs. There are no drugs available that can be sure to cure asthma completely, but with the right treatment and an adequate lifestyle, you won't have to worry about asthma so often in the future.


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