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Government Health Projects: The National Asthma Campaign

There are many people suffering from asthma in the United States. In fact, studies show that more and more people are diagnosed each year. Given the large number of asthma patients, it is no wonder that this condition is receiving special attention from the government. Whether your doctor has found that you have asthma or you just suspect you might be suffering from it, the National Asthma Campaign is something you should know about.

The National Asthma Campaign is a US government project meant to raise awareness concerning asthma by providing extensive and reliable information on this pulmonary disorder. You can learn about the causes and symptoms of asthma, as well as facts and recommendations regarding the newest treatments available.

The National Asthma Campaign uses a wide range of information channels to reach its audience. It gets extensive media coverage through the television campaigns it organizes, in addition to providing information by means of fact sheets and other kinds of public announcements.

The target audience of the National Asthma Campaign consists of people suffering from asthma - whether they are aware of their condition or not - as well as the ones around them - parents, for instance, who will want to know as much as possible about ways of preventing asthma from affecting their children. The National Asthma Campaign helps many people recognize their symptoms so that they can get help and improve their health as soon as possible.

The National Asthma Campaign is a continuous project. It runs all year long, offering advice and guidance to people. One month a year, in May, the National Asthma Campaign is intensified. There is also a World Asthma Day. In 2006, World Asthma Day was celebrated on May 2nd.

What makes the National Asthma Campaign different from other sources of information is its reliability. Being a government project, you can be sure that the information it provides has been tested and confirmed, so you can fully trust what it says.


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