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Asthma and the Workplace

Although the symptoms of asthma are the same in all patients, the causes of the disorder vary a lot from one individual to another. Sometimes allergens are responsible, at other times asthma is caused by physical exercise, and so on. In this article, we'll have a short look at asthma caused by work conditions.

Also called occupational asthma, this type of asthma is characterized by attacks that occur as a result of exposure to certain substances or as a result of the activities specific to the individuals job. In other words, it can be subdivided into the categories that we mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Your workplace is among the topics your doctor will be asking you about before diagnosing you as suffering from asthma. The purpose is to identify the potential causes that can generate your symptoms. This information is also of great help to the doctor when they prescribe the medication you should take.

Even if you also experience attacks when youre not at work, these can be closely linked with your occupational conditions, which might make your lungs more sensitive, increasing their proneness to inflammations and the likelihood that you may develop asthma. By reducing your exposure to those factors responsible for the asthma attacks, you have a chance of reducing the frequency of the symptoms.

Occupational asthma should not be only the patient's concern. In a working environment that contains hazardous elements from this point of view, the health of many employees can be affected. It is, therefore, natural that the employer should also be preoccupied with eliminating these elements from the workplace.

Quite often, better ventilation and the use of protective equipment can significantly improve the situation. This ability to influence the causes that lead to occupational asthma makes it possible to prevent future attacks, which is why many people are of the opinion that occupational asthma is easy to control. If the right measures are taken, the symptoms of occupational asthma can even be eliminated.


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