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Asthma Types

A collection of the different types of asthma. This is by no way a full collection of the many types, but is a good starting point.

An Overview of Adult Asthma
Asthma can occur in both children and adults.

What to Do If Your Child Has Asthma
Statistics show that the number of children diagnosed with asthma is constantly increasing.

Sports and Asthma
One of the many different causes that can lead to asthma is physical effort.

Asthma and the Workplace
Although the symptoms of asthma are the same in all patients, the causes of the disorder vary a lot from one individual to another.

Asthma: Recognize Your Symptoms
If you have asthma, dealing with your condition relies greatly on how you can recognize the symptoms and learn to prevent either their occurrence or their exacerbation.

Asthma as an Allergic Condition
Among the many causes of asthma, allergies are often considered to be the most frequent.

Allergies and Asthma
Asthma can have many different causes, from genetic ones to allergies.

The Dangers of Brittle Asthma
Asthma is a condition affecting millions of people.


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